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Unique coding technology for lids and shrink sleeves
Unique coding technology for lids and shrink sleeves
We recently took part in the Clondalkin Group Sales Conference, in Appledoorn, Holland, where we presented to the rest of the group about the success of our UniXcode (TM applied for) unique coding on lids and sleeves for clients such as Yeo Valley.

The international conference, which was attended by sales teams throughout the group, was all about innovation in packaging solutions and cross-selling each other’s products.

Going forward unique coding will play an increasingly important role throughout the industry, as it offers a simple and effective way for companies to run targeted, sales-driven consumer promotions.  Other sales teams within the Clondalkin Group were very keen to hear about our success at doing this here in Bury and hope to offer similar solutions at other manufacturing sites shortly.  

Other featured initiatives during the conference included a presentation on the new FleXtreme printing technology from our team in Harlingen, Holland.  This offers outstanding print quality, combined with shorter print runs and reduced lead times.

Martin Hardman – Sales and Marketing Manager

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