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Planning and scheduling investment
Planning and scheduling investment
We have recently invested in a new planning and scheduling tool called Preactor.  

This advanced system enables us to:
- View customer orders, capacity and material availability in an instant.
- Guarantee quick and reliable deliveries to our customers.  This also includes reacting faster to changes required by our customers.                             
- Schedule people, time and resources to meet customer demands.
- React quickly to any unexpected production issues and supply constraints.

The Preactor tool has been integrated into our existing business management software (ERP system) and is proving a great asset throughout the business.  Using its visual planning board we can keep everyone accurately informed about order status and improve the service we offer our customers.

Following this success at Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury we plan to roll out the Preactor tool to all other sites in the Clondalkin Group worldwide.  
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