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Flexible packaging bi-annual conference
Flexible packaging bi-annual conference
Here at Bury we specialise in the production of pre-cut lids and shrink sleeves but  across the Clondalkin Flexible Packaging group we can offer customers a wide range of flexible packaging solutions, including , films and laminates, stand-up pouches and bundle wrap.

Twice a year the commercial teams from the group's European and North American operations gather together for the bi-annual sales conference. Our most recent one took place last week in Grootegast.

A large focus of this year's event was how best to structure the organisation to facilitate a cross-selling culture across the company, enabling customers to access our entire product range with ease, no matter where in the world they are located. 

The event is an opportunity for the commercial teams to come together to share knowledge, and celebrate success and innovation featured high on the agenda as we focussed on how best to respond to specific market requirements for food and beverage, dairy, confectionary, home and personal care and tobacco. 

Each event helps us to build an even stronger team and every one of us takes away new insights into how we can make our flexible packaging solutions even better for our customers. 

If you want to find out more about our products and services worldwide, please contact one of the team here at Clondalkin Flexible Bury.

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