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2017-05-05 Unwrapping Christmas early
2017-05-05 Unwrapping Christmas early
With 236 days left until Christmas, here at Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury, we are already helping our lidding customers prepare for the festive season.

Work has begun on pre-cut lid designs for global dairy company Arla who last year reported producing and sending out nearly five times more cream than average in the week running up to Christmas.

By the time the rest of us are enjoying the summer holidays Arla will have been developing the packaging for over 60 different Christmas creams for all the major supermarkets. The team at Bury will have supplied the pre-cut  polyester lids for all of them, in various shapes and sizes and  designs for everything from  the traditional brandy cream to  ‘Champagne Cocktail’, ‘Channel Island Clementine’ and ‘Cointreau Cream’.

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