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Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury Hot Fill Lid Solution
Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury Hot Fill Lid Solution
One of our clients recently came to us with an issue they were experiencing during  the filling stages of a new ambient food product that they were bringing to the market.   In order to achieve the required shelf-life the product had to be filled at temperatures in excess of 90 degrees Celsius, but finding a suitable packaging solution was proving a challenge.  As the  product cooled and contracted it created a vacuum and caused the pots to distort.

Several years ago we were asked to solve a similar problem for hot-filled ketchup and we developed our affectionately termed 'Top Hat Lid'. This innovative hot fill lid solution consists of a double recessed lid  which allows for contraction during the cooling process.  The lid creates an air space allowing for 'pull down' during the cooling process so it's the lid that contracts and not the container.

Specifically developed for hot fill long-shelf life products, our Alu PP co-extruded lid provided the perfect lidding solution for our client and can be found on the recently launched Ainsley Harriott ambient soup range.

Paul Whelan, Technical Manager for Lids

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