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New plate cutting technology
In conjunction with our plate making partners we are now using advanced plate cutting technology to save time and ensure complete accuracy at our pre-press stage of production.    

The KONGSBERG XN is the most flexible cutting platform on the market today and can be used for all types of applications.  For Clondalkin Bury it has many advantages over traditional hand cut polymer plates:

-    It saves time in pre-press as we no longer need to hand cut plates
-    It guarantees accuracy and consistency to within 0.3mm
-    It gives precise control even when cutting complicated plate joints.
-    Plate joints are better fitting therefore reducing the risk of “Plate lift” during printing
-    There is less chance of damaging plates by creating “nicks” when the plates are removed from the cylinders after printing

The new technology is proving very effective and is a further technical advancement which will help Clondalkin Bury ensure accuracy and consistency throughout its production process.

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