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Lidding solutions for hot fill applications and oil based products
Lidding solutions for hot fill applications and oil based products

We're often asked for advice by our customers on selecting the most appropriate materials for their pre-cut lids.

heat-seal pre-cut lids are compatible for use with a range of packaging applications including containers for cream, yoghurt and ice cream, beverages, snacks, butter and margarine, as well as other non-food items.

Certain products, however, require different qualities in a lid, in addition to design variations.  One example is our Recessed lids which work particularly well with hot fill applications, such as soups and sauces. Special recessed lids allow for contraction during the cooling process so it's the lid that contracts and not the container, reducing 'panelling' on the containers and preventing them from becoming distorted. A great example of this is the Ainsley Harriott soup range (read more
here).  Importantly, the reduced head space means less air inside which can extend the product's shelf life significantly. 

Recessed lids are suited to many other products for example confectionary items that require a 'spoon in lid' feature or oil based products that require an extremely tight seal.  

They allow the use of laminated material as there's no 'curling' unlike with flat lids, and when using a manual or semi auto sealing process they're used to pre-locate the seal prior to sealing.

With 50 cutting presses and over 300 cutting tools at our disposal we're able to offer customers very high levels of flexibility and responsiveness. In addition, we offer state of the art flexo printing and the latest lidding technology, including
SMARTembossing, both laser and mechanical perforations and unique coding capability

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